Arsey landlords and a bit of snow!

It’s been snowing this week. If you’ve looked out a window or been on social media, you’ll already know that! My journey to and from work every day has been okay in comparison to what’s been going on around the country and in the region this week – a baby was born in stand-still traffic on the A66 and people have been stuck in their cars for hours on end, so my slightly delayed buses aren’t anything to complain about!

snow 1

I have been feeling more tired this week and I think that’s down to the cold weather and the extra brain power I have needed to cover staff absences (due to snow). I’ve also recently moved back into my parents’ house and it’s always really warm when I get home from work! Nothing makes me want sleep more than being warm and comfortable! So why am I back at my parents’?

My boyfriend and I were asked to vacate our rental property by the 4th March, so our landlord could sell the property. Now we should have been in contract until 5th June, so I sought advice from Shelter, the housing charity. We realised that while we were well within our rights to refuse to leave the property, we would vacate by this weekend.

We decided that it would be almost impossible to save to buy a house if we continued to rent, so my parents’ very kindly let us move in for a few months. One of the other reasons we moved out when we did, without kicking up a fuss was because we didn’t our landlord to turn into and ‘arsey landlord’ (my term!) We’d already had issues with the house; the shower leaking through to the downstairs W.C through the light fitting, the shower sealant repeatedly growing mould due to a constant drip, AND the kitchen pipes have been held up with a jack for over a year! We have tried to be understanding about these problems, but it does get to you after a while!

We moved 98% of our stuff out of the house and into storage last weekend and made the decision that we’d return to do a final clean and tidy this week before leaving the keys.

storage 1

Then it snowed.

It snowed a lot.

The old house is on a hill and it just wasn’t practical to get there after work when we weren’t living there. So, after continuous snow Monday to Thursday we text our landlord asking to until Wednesday 7th to get the last of our belongings and clean the house. She replied saying of course that was fine, but not to worry as she would clean the house.

We didn’t respond to that last text but were still planning on returning to the house on Sunday and doing a deep clean – as is expected when you leave a rental, otherwise you’re jeopardising your security deposit.

Now here’s the fun bit. Arsey landlord has let herself in to the property today without our knowledge or permission and then complained to us that the house is not in a fit state. She said she’s going to have to hire professional cleaners, the cost of which will be coming out of our deposit. **

I’m so annoyed at her. My boyfriend said it was “frustrating” which if you know him means he is royally pissed off. Needless to say we’re contacting her argue the point. I’ll post an update when I have one (and I’ve calmed down)!

** I should probably mention that the property isn’t that bad. It’s general wear and tear from living there 15 months and dirt from traipsing in and out in the wet moving furniture last weekend – nothing a mop and some bleach won’t fix! Ugh!

This has been a really happy and uplifting first blog post hasn’t it?

What a way to start!

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3 thoughts on “Arsey landlords and a bit of snow!

  1. Kanra Khan says:

    Wow that’s awful. Being on rent sucks, no matter how great the property is, if your landlord is a terrible person. You would’ve gotten out of there early and with no problems if it hadn’t been for that snow!! Oh well, at least you’re out of there now!
    Your parents sound so nice and supportive to be letting you take a break at their place till you get back on your feet! Good luck finding another place!
    Kanra Khan


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