3 weeks later…

So I’m trying not to beat myself up about the fact that it has been 3 weeks since I’ve posted anything (talk about falling at the first hurdle). Work has been hectic and sometimes you just want an early night to prepare yourself for tomorrow!
I’m settled back into my parents house with my boyfriend and so far, so good (please don’t let this jinx it!) It’s nice seeing my parents regularly and because all 5 of us in the house have a different working pattern, it’s quite easy to take some time for yourself. This was the main thing I’d been concerned about – I’m someone who needs some time to themselves to wind down by watching a cheesy film or by reading a book that I’ve read a million times before (looking at you Harry Potter).


The good news is that following on from my previous post about my arsey landlord, after we had cleaned the house (I mean, look at that oven- is cleaner than when we moved in!!) and sent a strongly worded letter to our landlord, she told the estate agents to give us back our full deposit without an inspection. She must have realised that she overreacted.

Additionally, we’re getting refunds from our water, gas and electricity providers, a council tax refund and a TV licence refund! So that plus our rental deposit is a good start towards our mortgage deposit! #silverlinings


Anyhoo, I’m keeping this one short and sweet because
a. I’m writing it on my phone on a bus and I’m about to get off it (maybe the way to go for regular posts…?)
and b. Exciting post coming soon as I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!
Talk later, Emma
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